With Hampton Creek, Vegans are no Longer Feeling Limited in Their Diet

Although eating a vegan diet is extremely healthy and beneficial to the body, there are some food limitations that cause people to turn away. It is not simply a lack of meat that causes them problems; it is the food choices they cannot eat because of eggs and other animal products. For the vegan diet to be sustainable for previous meat eaters, there need to be some alternatives to replace animal products so people do not feel so restricted. With the new products by Hampton Creek, there are fewer issues with diet so everyone can feel more comfortable embracing a healthier lifestyle.

When the folks at Hampton Creek began their research, they had no idea there would be so much information available. As they researched, they discovered information on thousands of plants, including many varieties of legumes. One of their discoveries was a Canadian Yellow Split-Pea. This pea had amazing properties that most researchers had overlooked. As they worked on their research, they realized this special pea included a protein that could be used to replace eggs. This major discovery became the foundation of Hampton Creek’s many delicious food products.

What started with a mayo line has grown to include many products that were once somewhat off limits to vegans. Without the use of chicken eggs, many desserts could not be enjoyed. Although some vegan food producers have attempted to create foods with egg substitutes, the results have been lackluster at best. Vegans all over the world have rejoiced when they realized there were delicious vegan foods that were able to compete with their animal product contenders.

Now that vegans are not so limited, this has changed the level of awareness for those who are attempting to eat a healthier diet. Hampton Creek hopes their work will give people better, less expensive options for pursuing healthier food choices.

If you have been considering adopting a vegan diet, there is no better time. There are now more food choices than ever before and Hampton Creek continues to add in more. They hope one day to be able to offer delicious meat and cheese alternatives, along with an ever-expanding line of foods.