Winning Your Ex Back Through Texts

Breaking up with someone that you love can be a heartbreaking time for all involved. What happens if you realize that you made a huge mistake and want to get back together with them? It is possible to win your ex back, but you need to be smart with how you go about it. Text messaging is a great way to initiate contact with them. It is very easy to communicate through text because you cannot see them or hear their voice. There are some excellent and free Text Your Ex Back examples available online. They can teach you how to better communicate in order to get the results that you wish for.

The ultimate goal of your messages should be for you to get a second chance with the one that you love. One good texting technique is the getting attention the right way with across the bow texts. You should avoid initiating contact with your ex for at least a month. You should then send a light text to let him know that you are thinking of him. Go slow and keep the topic light and positive. This will let him know that you are thinking of him and that you are not expecting anything.

It is a good idea to send texts that are gentle reminders of your relationship. You could ask him the name of the restaurant where you ordered the amazing crab cakes on his birthday. This will allow your ex to engage in conversation and to remember a positive experience. You should then begin sending attraction and flirty texts. Men like to chase, so you will want to play hard to get and not give in too early. It is a good idea to try and catch him off guard. This will allow him to be surprised. You should then send an emotionally honest text that lets him know that you still care.

The best way to rekindle your romance is to create a new connection which will reignite the spark that you once had. This can be accomplished through a series of very well planned texts.