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How to Spot a Real Celebrity Profile from a Fake One Celebrities are obviously famous people, so having other people pretend to be them is not exactly far- fetched. In fact, this has become almost ordinary, specifically on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. And there could be whole lot of reasons. Some posers are no more than obsessed fans, others are unscrupulous spammers, and yet others just “want to help” fetch more fans for their idols. No matter the story behind, a fake profile is still a fake profile and therefore worthless. The question is, how do you know if a profile is fake or not? With photos and information practically all over the web, it can be so easy to grab a few and post them on a profile, making it look authentic. Fortunately, it’s also no longer hard to know if you’re looking at the real deal or a myth. While not all social networking sites are now using a verification system, the two giants, Facebook and Twitter, now are. And it’s great because the guesswork is finally out of the picture. So all you need to do is find that small sign (know what sign the site uses first) to determine whether or not the account is real.
Discovering The Truth About Websites
Then again, that only works for really big and veteran stars in the likes of Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston, etc. What if the celebrity you’re interested in is not that famous? Simple. Just take a look at the details on their About page. Here, you’ll find information about themselves, from their interests to their latest business ventures and all that. But sometimes, what you’ll find here becomes too obvious that it doesn’t really help you find out if the profile is real or not. So what should you be more concerned about instead? The links. Check if they are verified or official, and if so, then there’s a greater chance you have a real profile.
A Quick Overlook of Profiles – Your Cheatsheet
Finally, take a look at the posts and other content. Celebrities are not at all so different from regular folks. They also have personalities, and except when they’re psychos, they probably won’t be one person on one account and another one in a live TV interview. So when it comes to checking posts and content, try to spot consistency. If a celebrity has always been conservative in his choice of words, and you suddenly read him cussing on Facebook, that’s suspicious. Not that celebrities don’t have their bad days, but as we mentioned, personalities don’t deviate much from what they’ve always been. If it looks like the deviation has been rather dramatic, maybe you need to look further. Check out other websites, particularly established ones. If what you read or see on a celebrity profile is somehow the same as what you find outside, then it’s surely a positive sign.