What’s so Special About Matcha Green Tea?

As a tea drinker, you may already know the benefits of drinking green tea. In case you are not, you are in for a treat of information. It is important to note that not all green teas is equal. The quality is a factor that you should consider when choosing teas. Organic Matcha Green tea makes it easier. A quality green tea is stronger and more flavorful than the average green tea. Be prepared to be impressed.

Health Benefits

Matcha green tea is bursting with antioxidants. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause cell damage and are linked to a number of health concerns. Antioxidants help to eliminate them. This instability can cause disease overall, particularly heart disease and even cancer.

One of the best ways to get antioxidants is still by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, baking with Matcha tea or drinking a cup a day is another advantage.

An increase in energy and alertness are other benefits of consuming Matcha green tea. It boosts your metabolism as well, which is a highlight to someone trying to shed a few pounds.

The list of health benefits is extensive and too long for this article. However, some more worth mentioning are that it fights allergies, helps promote healthy gums and teeth, helps lower cholesterol, enhance eyesight, and helps to make skin more resilient to withstand better the UV rays from the sun.

How to Use It?

It’s a powder rather than loose leaves. The powder form allows you to include it in more things such as smoothies, lattes, and baking. You can drink it the traditional way by putting a scoop into a cup of hot water. If desired, you can add a little honey or your favorite sweetener.

If you are convinced that life is better with Matcha Green tea in it, Kiss Me Organics has it here. While you are visiting the site, you will see there are two types: organic culinary grade and ceremonial grade.

Green tea is that one product that every household needs. Daily consumption promotes overall good health. It’s an affordable way to promote a healthy lifestyle.