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Want to Have a Celebrity Body? Here’s How You may be one of us who have been dreaming to have a celebrity body. There is no need to worry about getting a professional trainer just like those celebrities because this article will provide you with all the best and necessary tips that could definitely help you achieve what you want. We get inspired because of all the celebrities we see in movies and other shows and they just have the bodies of gods and goddesses: perfect muscles, arms, legs, and even feet! They do lots of sports and sometimes they combine martial arts with other athletics. We have here the exact workout and diet of a famous celebrity that you can follow to get that amazing body and what’s more: we have included some of great tips for you: Workout includes Kickboxing and Scuba Diving – kickboxing workout is done an hour per session, three days a week. This both tones muscles and burns 600-800 calories every session. Scuba diving is a great form of exercise because it is both effective and enjoyable. This particular workout is done two times a week. Diet should not be disregarded in any workout that aims to give you a celebrity figure. Celebrities see to it that they have a proper diet schedule so that they would be able to maintain their lean shape. For breakfast, you must make sure that you are having an appropriate amount of protein; prepare a protein drink or shake and pair it with banana and peanut butter. For lunch, eat two pieces of lean chicken and have some shake made of whole grain rice, carrots, and celery. You can enjoy a delicious snack of 100 yoghurt made exciting by almonds. Celebrities recommend you to have tuna salad for dinner and pair it with a protein shake. This specific workout and diet schedule can be very hard to follow especially for those who are new to exercising and dieting. If ever you are into light workout and diet, the following tips are perfect for you. These are from celebrities themselves.
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You must make sure that you don’t resort to starving yourself. A lot of people have the misconception that when you don’t eat, you lose weight. This might just be the greatest mistake that many people have been doing; cutting down on calories will actually affect your metabolism. As for exercise, one of the forms of exercises that most celebrities do at home is what we call the Platypus Walk. This is very effective in giving you your dream celebrity body. First thing that you have to do is to get a 3-kilogram dumbbell or medicine ball. Start by firmly grasping it with both hands overhead. Keep your arms straight. Take the lowest squat that you can possibly have with your toes pointing out. While you are squatting down, start walking forward in a slow pace. Take eight steps. Then walk backward for another eight counts. Repeat the steps.How I Became An Expert on News