What Is New at Hampton Creek This Year?

Those who have never heard of Hampton Creek will be amazed to learn all this food technology company is doing to change the way people think about, view, and eat foods. Their efforts are not only allowing for greater success for their own company, they are also prompting other food producers to make changes that allow them to create healthier foods that do not put a strain on the environment by lessening the Earth’s resources.

There are now many products being produced from the people at Hampton Creek. They started off fairly small, working to provide a simple alternative to traditional mayo. The problem was, they did not have a truly viable option for replacing the eggs that were required in making a creamy blend. This issue became a problem of the past once they begin to discover a pea protein could be used to create a vegan egg substitute that was actually tasty and had the same properties as eggs.

Once they created their delicious Just Mayo, vegans around the world began to rejoice because they were so amazed at how good this product tasted. As they continued their research, they realized there were many more applications where this pea protein could be used to create delicious and healthy food products for vegans and meat eaters alike to enjoy.

Recently, Hampton Creek has been working diligently to broaden their product line. They announced this year they plan on releasing as many as 43 new products on the market with many more coming in later months. As of now, the team is working on pancakes, brownies, cakes, and dessert mixes. They also plan on releasing salad dressings and eventually hope to produce meat and cheese alternatives for vegans. It will be exciting to see what new products this company will bring to the table next.

Those who have not yet tried any of the delicious products available from Hampton Creek are urged to do so. There is no better time to embrace the healthier side of life and enjoy wholesome foods that contribute to your health instead of detract from it.