What is Birth Related Injury and What are Your Options

Having a baby is often one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life. Whether it is the first pregnancy or one of several, everyone hopes for the same outcome; a healthy and happy baby. The truth of the matter is that all babies are not born healthy and some of these instances can be as a result of the negligence of the doctor or medical staff.

What is a Birth Related Injury

There are three major areas to birth related injury. Each case can fall into one or more of these categories.

  • Injury to the mother or child during labor and delivery
  • Wrongful birth – this includes instances when a child is born with birth defects that should have been detected by the doctor. In most of these cases, the parents would have opted to end the pregnancy.
  • Wrongful pregnancy – in these cases, there has usually been an attempt to avoid getting pregnant, or the parents have attempted to terminate the pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery Injury An injury during labor and delivery is the least likely. These injuries are often because of a negligence of the delivery staff or the doctor. This may include the failure to control the mother’s bleeding or the failure to properly monitor the oxygen levels of the infant. Wrongful Birth In these cases, there is a child born that is severely impaired. This impairment will usually be one that grossly affects the quality of life for the child. The case of negligence involves the fact that there was not proper testing or the testing was not properly assessed to detect the physical or possible mental maladies of the child. Wrongful Pregnancy In these situations, a healthy child is born to parents that tried to avoid the pregnancy via abortion or sterilization. There may be many different reasons that the parents did not want to have a child but through negligence of the doctor, the pregnancy continued. If you have been injured because of the negligence of your doctor, you do have options. A Lawyer for loved ones of baby injured at birth in Boca Raton will represent your best interests. If you have a case, you can seek damages for loss of quality of life, medical bills, and even punitive damages.