Travelling Tips for People With Milk or Egg Allergies

Food allergies should not stop you from traveling. With a little preparation and with some help from your doctor or allergist, you should be able to travel and not worry about symptoms of milk or egg allergies.

Talk To Your Doctor About Where You Plan to Go

As soon as you know you are traveling, talk to your doctor or allergist about where you are going. If you are traveling within the country, your doctor should be able to give you a list of hospitals and doctors in the area. If you are going out of the country, your doctor or allergist still may be able to provide a list of emergency medical contacts. Contact your health insurance company to see if any emergencies overseas will be covered.

Carry An Epipen

No matter where you travel, make sure there is an Epipen or injectable epinephrine medication with you. If you are flying, contact the airline and ask if the plane carries Epipens. It’s good to know just in case you forget your own. Make sure the Epipen is new and has not expired. This is especially important for those who go into anaphylactic shock if accidentally eating the food item you are allergic to.

Pack Your Own Utensils and Food

It’s best to travel with your own set of utensils or at least a set of disposable utensils you can pick up at many diners and fast food restaurants. Airplanes usually have individually wrapped utensil sets. Utensils can be easily cross-contaminated by eggs or milk. Also carry some snacks and vegan sandwich spreads and salad dressings like Vinaigrette by Hampton Creek.

Carry Chef Cards in Different Languages

Chef cards are easy to use down-loadable cards that can be given to restaurants to see if they can provide for you. Make sure you have several copies in both English and the language of wherever you are traveling to. Even after presenting the chef card, still ask if your food can be prepared with separate pans and utensils from other customers’ food. Avoid fried foods while traveling as these tend to have touched eggs. Also avoid all pasta and any pastry that glistens.