Tips For Winning Back An Old Flame

Modern technology has created many opportunities for communication, and some of these can be used strategically. Text messaging is a simple but effective way to contact friends in a way that offers the chance for quick replies. Since they are often informal, they are particularly effective when trying to rekindle old relationships. Experts in relationships have come up with strategies that take advantage of the strengths of this type of communication. To get more information, visit

Connecting with old flames is tricky, as it is easy to accidentally push contacts away instead of attracting them. Certain elements of communication can be optimized to take advantage of text messaging allowing it to be particularly effective. The first step in the process of initiating a new relationship is to make contact with a simple message that is friendly, but does not suggest any interest in a new relationship. Since these text messages might be viewed with suspicion, they are often ignored. This is why the experts recommend sending only one of these messages a week until a new relationship is established. Too many messages will likely push an ex away and make it seem like the break up was a good idea. The new relationship will have to be built on friendship first and allowed to develop organically.

However, there are ways to nurture the relationship using text messaging. This type of communication has the advantage of careful planning and strategic timing. Sprinkling a few messages that refer to shared experiences and how much they meant will remind the ex that there was once a significant bond and that it could be renewed. This is delicate territory as it is easy to scare off those who are not ready for anything more than friendship. Implanting the idea that there could be a future is a step in the right direction.

Once a connection has been made and it is clear that there is an opportunity, sending personal and intimate texts will bring back the feelings that made the original relationship vital. It is important to always remember to be friendly, but not needy. A new relationship must be started, as there is too much baggage related to the previous one. Patience is essential, and keeping expectations low will encourage better communication.