Tips for Using Matcha Green Tea as a Part of Your Healthy Diet

Unless one has been hiding under a rock for the last few years, everyone knows green tea has health benefits. Many people have drunk green tea to help them lose weight, gain energy or protect their health. Though traditional bagged green tea offers benefits, they cannot compare to the matcha green tea powder canada. This special powder is unlike any other green tea because the entire tea leaf is consumed. Full consumption of the leaf allows a person to gain all of the healthful benefits the tea offers without them being wasted in the trash.

Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea that is carefully grown to ensure it produces a rich, bright green powder. The bright green color is not only for its appearance, but also means it is full of beneficial chlorophyll that is often destroyed by the sun during the growing process of traditional teas.

Matcha powder is silky and fine so it blends easily in a variety of different beverages. In fact, this tea powder can be mixed with fruit and vegetable juice, milk, water, herbal tea and smoothies. It can also be mixed in protein shakes.

To use the powder, simply pour one to two tablespoons in any type of beverage. Matcha is delicious whether served hot or cold. Many people enjoy a hot cup of traditional matcha tea when they first awake to get their day started off on the right track. They also end their day with a delicious cup of iced tea to help them cool off and relax after a hot day of work.

Many people have also found this tea powder makes a delicious seasoning for baked goods, scrambled eggs and entrees. There are so many diverse options for using this tea powder, people come up with new methods every day.

Those who are ready to see increased healthy, energy and weight loss should purchase this powdered tea and try it for themselves. No matter how it is enjoyed, it will fill the body with energy, lift the mood and help the body to burn calories at a faster rate for better weight loss results.