There’s a Hampton Creek Product for Every Meal

For several years, the main foods from Hampton Creek most people were familiar with were the Just Mayo and Just Cookies lines. Both products provided delicious plant-based alternatives to animal products, replacing eggs and butter with vegan ingredients. Now, Hampton Creek is poised to offer a long list of other foods that continue to provide vegan alternatives. As 2016 continues, there will be a steady stream of new products by Hampton Creek, and at least a couple will fit with each meal of the day. Here are some of the ways that these vegan options can help to liven up the three meals that most people eat.


Before long, two or more Hampton Creek breakfast products will arrive that will help to provide a great start to the morning. The company has announced a pancake mix and a muffin mix that the whole family is sure to love. Both can easily be cooked by following the simple instructions provided. It should be noted that these two products contain sorghum, an ingredient which has a naturally sweet taste. This causes the pancakes and muffins to have less refined sugar than many comparable products.


A lot of people like to have a salad or a sandwich for lunch. Either way, Hampton Creek can help with that as well. The Just Italian and Just Ranch dressings will work great on salads. Also, Hampton Creek’s innovative Just Mayo, which is an egg-free alternative to traditional mayonnaise, has proven to be wildly successful. It can add some extra flavor to sandwiches.


After eating a nutritious dinner, there is nothing wrong with having a portion of a relatively healthy dessert. Hampton Creek has released Just Cookies, which are already made and ready to be eaten. The company also makes cookie dough and mixes for cakes and brownies. With desserts like these, anyone can end the day on a guilt-free note due to having chosen a vegan dessert that is environmentally friendly.

Because of all the great vegan options that Hampton Creek already offers or will be releasing soon, vegans and all people who want to eat fewer animal products now have more choices for each meal. This is good news for everyone who wants to have healthy alternatives that will make planning meals easier.