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How to Save Money on Your Hotel Booking Everybody knows there are plenty of cheap hotels out there, but there are times when a five-start experience is exactly what we want. Fortunately, there are ways to stretch your holiday budget to accommodate that wish. The following are five pointers on how you can save cash on your hotel booking, wherever you’re staying: Timing Makes a Difference Yes, a hotel booking made at the right time can fetch you a good price cut. Hotel prices rise and fall everyday, depending on the probability of their rooms getting filled for the night. The best booking time is usually 24 hours right before the time you plan to stay.
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Your affiliations with certain associations can also give you a discount. Two classic examples are AARP and AAA, but sometimes, your membership in a trade organization or a huge sports club can also work. Confirm this with the group you belong to. Even your credit card can qualify you for discounts on a specific list of hotels. Reward Malls You can also take advantage of reward malls. When you’re actually about to book, make use of those cash back and credit card rewards to enjoy bonus rewards. Just remember that while anybody can use cash back website, you will probably need a credit card to gain access to credit card providers’ online malls. Upgrade Negotiations Instead of Payments never pay for upgrades, but negotiate for them instead. Get an average room and ask for an upgrade, instead of reserving a luxurious room from the beginning. This is particularly effective for off-season travelers, who are more likely to be allowed a move to a better room at check in. Also try calling the manager, asking what rooms are vacant (often helps to say you’re celebrating a special occasion), or arriving at your exact check-in time, wishing your room is yet unprepped so they will probably just give you a better room. Otherwise, just give your tip in advance and request nicely for that upgrade. Again, your credit card can help you in this scenario. There are credit card issuers that have a booking tool, where you can secure upgrades, resort credits, special perks such as free breakfast, and all sorts of special deals. Vigilance Is Key Finally, look out for price drops which will certainly come from time to time. As mentioned earlier, hotel bookings increase and decrease anytime and repeatedly within any single day. Just by having the patience to click on “Refresh” every few hours, you won’t be left behind when the right price for your budget flashes on your monitor.