The Tech Grade Blendtec Vs. the SimplerVitamix

There are many options for blenders on the market. Many people who do not look into the functionality of these devices will simply grab any old blender for their home, but people with specialized diets tend to rely on their blender rather often. Some products are simply not up to par.

The Blendtec product is toward the top of the product line, but so is the Vitamix blender. Both exist in this era between mainstream manufactured product and the specialized top grade. Which one is ultimately the better buy? There are a few things that should be reviewed in determining the exact answer.

The Different Warranties

Blendtec offers a 7-year warranty across the board. This includes both new and refurbished models. It is also worth noting that this is quite generous. Many equal competitors only offer four or five year warranties on all their products. This leads directly into Vitamix’s offering. They equal Blendtec with a 7-year warranty on new products, but refurbished items only boast a 5-year warranty. The question of which is better here clearly derives from how much one values a warranty and if they are buying new or refurbished. That two year count could make a big difference.

The Control Panel

Blendtec is more technologically advanced, and that could be either a good thing or a bad thing. On paper, it can be good. This is because of its touch pad paneling that impressively shows the full range of settings and display, but this also means it could face some different repair issues. It is more vulnerable to damage or dropping. People with big hands may have a problem facing the small setting options on the interface.

Vitamix uses traditional knob settings for their products. This shows a rather rudimentary design that could be welcoming for people who want a simpler blender interface. Either way, one is not clearly superior to the other. The LCD screen of the Blendtec is intriguing, but is it really practical? Better yet, is it even really necessary?

The question of blendtec versus vitamix reviews is a fair one because both are quite similar in many respects. Blendtec may edge the Vitamix line out on pure design alone, but the Vitamix product is by no means a grossly inferior option.