The Path To Finding Better Lists

Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Capture the Attention of so Many People today love to read informative things in the internet especially when they are in lists. This is true especially when the titles are something as appealing as “top 10 life hacks you have been missing out on”, “top 10 books in the year 2015″, “top 10 deadliest animals”, et cetera. If we are to choose between these titles and the ones that sound normal, we tend to go with the latter. But despite the title, the content of an article is still very important so that readers will take the time to read it. They usually judge an article according to the relevance of the topic: is it worth reading or is it just another utter nonsense? We already have a great title and engaging topic, what we need now is the perfect format. This is the part where we look into the list format. Lists are loved for several reasons. Few of these reasons are it catches the eye of the reader pretty easily and it is very organized. We can find lots of these lists online. There are so many of them that are great, but from time to time, we do encounter crappy ones. The lists can be about anything from fashion tips to facts about the entertainment industry. Because lots of people share them through the social media, more and more people are introduced to these lists. The title plays a major part in letting the readers know what they are getting into; it reveals to them enough information that will both leave them informed but still curious. A good topic will invite readers in; a good topic will make them stay and will encourage them to share it on social media.
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People are more wired nowadays to read not just one article, but several at a time. Lists are designed to contain information in such a way that it allows readers to browse through it. They are very different from those articles and blogs that welcome us with lots and lots of sentences and paragraphs that we have no time for; through them readers can learn more information effectively. The only times that readers read the latter are when they are required to do it.
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Learning so many things in just a relatively short time is also perfect with this format. If you happen to be looking for answers for specific questions, then lists are the ideal source for you. Another great thing about lists is the interaction that happens between the writer and the reader. They open a line where the audience can express their opinion on the matter, for example if they agree with the author or not, or if they think that the writer should have included someone or something in the list. They can leave their ideas in the comment boxes below it.