The Many Products in the Workings at Vegan Food Producer Hampton Creek

Vegans make up a minute portion of the U.S. population, with best estimates at about 1/2 percent. Since many people who identify as vegans admit to cheating now and then, it’s impossible to know how many are completely committed to this lifestyle. Food producer Hampton Creek has been influential at getting a handful of vegan products into the mainstream marketplace and turning them into respectable sellers. In 2016, it plans to introduce dozens more.

Hampton Creek’s egg-free sandwich spread, called Just Mayo and available in four versions, has become a favorite item among consumers. The company recently signed an agreement with Compass Group to become the exclusive provider of salad dressings for their food service operations. With ranch dressing being so popular, it’s understandable that this flavor will be front and center for the salad toppings. That’s certainly not all, though. Consumers will be able to buy flavors such as Thousand Island, French and Caesar too.

People who enjoy Just Mayo have been hoping to find those dressings in their favorite supermarkets, but the small company has needed to concentrate on supplying them to Compass. The plan is to get those products on store shelves at some point in 2016. People who are not fans of giant chains like Walmart and Target may not be overly thrilled that those stores are likely to get the new products first. However, Hampton Creek knows this is where they’ll get the most attention and reach the largest audience.

For now, people may be able to find a boxed mix called Just Cookies, which leads the line of boxed mixes to eventually include pancakes, muffins and brownies. Just Cookie Dough is a tasty concoction people can feel free to eat raw. Hampton Creek’s chief executive officer reports that hundreds of vegan items are being developed by the company, including vegan alternatives to meat, cheese and eggs. People who can’t eat eggs or choose not to may have been frustrated in their attempts to find a decent-tasting substitute; not everyone cares much for tofu. This company’s egg substitute, called Just Scramble, has many vegans and people with egg allergies excited about trying it.