The Goal of Companies Like Hampton Creek

Newer food technology and food manufacturer companies are looking to create healthier food that is affordable and sustainable. The costs of producing foods using traditional ingredients and animal products is rising, as are the costs of many healthy alternatives. That contributes to junk food being cheaper to purchase than healthy food. The average family cannot purchase healthy alternatives on a regular basis because they simply do not have the money.

That fact is leading to obesity, malnutrition, and increases in illnesses and health conditions. Food has less nutrients, more chemicals and fat content, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Processed foods are less expensive than healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are stripped of nutritional value via pesticides, processing, and altered seeds. That means that beets, unless organically grown, for example, that have been washed with a chemical or through a steam bath, have very little nutritional value by the time they reach the table. That is why nutritional supplements are selling so quickly. People are not getting proper nutrition from the foods they eat.

Ways of manufacturing food differently are the goals of food companies like Hampton Creek. That company is exploring food technology for ways of using plant-based substitutes for animal products, artificial ingredients, and sugar. A breakout success has been an egg-less product called Just Mayo, in flavors such as garlic, chipotle, and sriracha. The main ingredient is peas, and cost almost half of what it costs to make mayonnaise using real eggs. The result is a healthy alternative that is cost-effective enough for everyone to be able to afford it. Products, that also include desserts, salad dressings, and egg alternatives, are found at large chain department stores, dollar stores, large food warehouse outlets, and regular grocery stores.

Plant-based products are also more environmentally friendly to grow and manufacturer. Less land, water, and natural resources are used in the planting process, as well as the manufacturing plants for the foods. Sustainable and affordable products, that are healthier than traditional food products, are what is needed for a global economy that contains a growing population. People will be able to eat healthier, feel better, and get proper nutrition without spending a small fortune on groceries.