The Food Revolution is Here Right Now

What would happen if a forward thinking group of people started a revolution in the food industry? A revolution in the way food was thought of, the way the food was grown in the beginning, the way it was manufactured, packaged, and then prepared? First off, it would be a food that wouldn’t be meat or a product of the meat. Next, it would be a protein that came from a certain vegetable that had acted like eggs when prepared in recipes. It wouldn’t deplete the environment and would save on water usage because it wouldn’t have to be given to millions of animals.

Next, the pea would be mashed into a protein that could be used in many recipes, from mayonnaise to cookie dough. Products would begin to line store shelves from Los Angeles to Paris. People everywhere would have an opportunity to taste foods they couldn’t eat before, or were allergic to before. Now, since it has no eggs in it, they can have a sandwich with mayonnaise and lettuce on it. It, also won’t be full of the cholesterol that hampers many of the foods eaten today.

With a new way of growing and manufacturing good food underway, the world’s residents can think about losing weight because now, they’re eating a healthy diet without all the unpronounceable words listed as ingredients on the food label. Even though people know they should change their pattern of eating, and they should formulate new and better eating habits, so far, they haven’t done either.

If these foods are available, they may be able to make it happen. They’ll have new pancake recipes to try, new and healthy salad dressings; even scrambled eggs that aren’t really eggs are on the horizon. For people who have heard of foods like this, they should read this sheet about Hampton Creek. Here, they’ll find more information on the company, along with a listing of the many new foods they’ll be marketing very shortly.

The food revolution has actually begun. It just may be a way for people who want to be healthier and lose weight to meet their goals. It certainly will be a different way of eating, and a good feeling to be doing something good for the planet.