The Egg-Free Mayo From Hampton Creek And Why It Became a Hit With Consumers

When people become vegans and quit eating any meat or animal-based products, there are bound to be some foods they miss. Some of those substances are items they might never have thought of, such as mayonnaise for sandwiches, for adding flavor to casseroles and to slathering on sliced tomatoes. When they discover the product called Just Mayo from Hampton Creek, it’s a relief to realize that mayonnaise can be delicious even without eggs.

The main substitute for eggs in Just Mayo is yellow pea protein, as odd as that might sound. The pea protein functions like egg in that it stops the oil and water in the spread from separating. This particular sandwich spread is made with canola oil, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, along with a few other ingredients.

Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that mayonnaise must contain eggs to be authentic, that didn’t stop vegan and non-vegan consumers from embracing the product. People who are allergic to eggs found this mayo to be a welcome alternative, and those who want to reduce their cholesterol levels also are glad to find egg-free substitutes for favorite items. In addition, many consumers don’t like supporting large commercial food manufacturers that don’t seem to have any concern about environmental issues or compassion for animals in the agriculture industry. They like to buy products from small companies that seek to have a smaller environmental impact and are not associated with animal cruelty.

These consumers also were glad to find that Just Mayo didn’t disappoint in regard to flavor and texture. The texture has been described as creamy and smooth, and the flavor as nutty and lemony, noticeably different from commercial mayonnaise. It should be noted that Hampton Creek does not promote this product as mayonnaise, despite its name. That’s why the FDA has not compelled the company to change the product name or advertising, and essentially why a lawsuit by a food manufacturing giant was dropped. Unilever had sued Hampton Creek over Just Mayo as a competitor for its Hellmann’s brand, leading to a situation the media jokingly called the Mayo Wars.