The Culinary School Top Chefs Recommend

Is your passion for food and cooking taking you in the direction you would like to go with your life? Are you considering attending culinary school? There are many culinary schools in the United States that most likely you would be relocating to attend. Culinary schools are very popular, thus ensuring a crowded classroom, and little time one on one with the professor. In traditional culinary schools, you are sitting at a desk, listening to the professor or watching a presentation, and spending very little time cooking or gaining experience in a real kitchen.

There is an alternative to traditional culinary school. Most management and top chefs are looking to see that you have gained some experience in the kitchen, and in a real world environment. You can only learn so much from books and power point presentations, it’s the experience that you gain in the heat of the kitchen that these top chefs are looking for. What culinary school do top chefs recommend?

Culinary Connection, Culinary Arts Academy is the chef school that comes to you. No need to relocate. Thanks to Culinary Connecition’s hands on training, they have mentors everywhere, in nearly every city in the US. You are in a kitchen from day one for a six month curriculum based training, under the instruction of a professional chef. With Culinary Connection, you are not only spending time in real world situations, you are also working directly with chefs that can help further your career in the culinary industry. You’ll make connections during this apprenticeship that you wouldn’t otherwise.

There are a lot of reasons why top chefs pick this culinary school. These top chefs endorse Culinary Connection because they know how much money and time it takes to attend traditional culinary school. These schools are upwards of $70,000, where Culinary Connection is right around $10,000 and provides that hands on learning. Chef Martin Gilligan, American Culinary Federation’s “Chef of the Year”, 2005, says he used to throw away the resume’s of people who attended expensive culinary school! It’s the experience in the kitchen that gets you the job. Chef Gina Delao, owner of FoodieLicious Events, says it takes two years of your life to attend culinary school, and the guy with two years experience is getting the job anyway! If you’re considering culinary school, Culinary Connection is the one to check into!