The Best Kitchen Tools are Useful Rather than Cool

When looking for things for the kitchen, it’s tempting to buy the things that look the flashiest. This, however, isn’t good for long-term satisfaction. That’s because the most useful things are almost never the ones that look the coolest. Instead, the best Kitchen Gadgets are ones like colanders, knives, and cutting boards. The reason is simple: These are the types of things that actually get used.

Everyone who likes to make pasta, needs to rinse and drain vegetables, or wants to separate cut-up potatoes from their holding water needs a colander. These devices are simple, but they have variations that make some better for certain tasks than others. A deep colander, for example, is good for holding large quantities of pasta and a shallow one is better for tossing leafy greens. These differences can make the difference between whether a colander is good or not, so it’s smart to check out reviews before buying.

Knives offer even more differences to consider. Along with the obvious ones like length, serrated edges vs. straight, and handle type, there are many others that are often only studied by knife enthusiasts. There are multiple types of steel blades, such as rolled and stamped, you can choose ceramic blades, or you can get the type of blade used for Ginsu knives. Each of these characteristics is hotly argued by knife purists, but which one works best in the kitchen for real-life uses? That’s where reviews come in. They explain how each popular knife works when cutting things like tomatoes, meat, and bread.

The same basic thing goes for meat cleavers as for knives, with the main exception being how easy it is to put enough force behind the tool to chop through meat rather than slicing it. Looks are deceiving in this category; more expensive knives can look better, but may not cut better. The best bet is to seek out the ones that are already popular, because these offer the highest chance for satisfaction.

These are just some of the standard kitchen tools that will make your life easier. They may not be cool or interface with your iPod, but when it comes time to actually get something done, you’ll find yourself turning to these mainstays again and again.