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Different Types of Foods Offered in Chinese Restaurants For sure you will also agree that Chinese foods are among the favorite of multitude men and women around the world. That is why you can find lots of new Chinese restaurants sprouting anywhere. More so, these restaurants offered different types of Chinese dishes. For those who are interested in knowing the diverse dishes showcased in Chinese restaurants, then they can continue reading this article. Chinese foods are not only tasty but they are also tasty. These are cooked using different types of herbs, spices and fresh produce. Some of these Chinese foods include fried rice, chop suey and chicken chow mein. These are the long time favorites of millions of men and women worldwide. Actually, Chinese dishes come in two main categories, the Northern and the Southern. Basically, the foods found in these regions are cooked dependent on the organic produce as well as the climate of their respective regions. In the northern region where the climate is cold, they cooked their dishes using vinegar, oil and garlic in combination with noodles and dumplings. Given the abundance of fresh produce in the South, they usually cooked them together with rice. Listed below are the regional breakdown of the Chinese foods found in these regions. These foods showcased different herbs and spices.
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1. Fujian cuisine is characterized by its colorful presentation of seafoods which are cooked using vinegar and wine to enhance the flavors. 2. When talking about Hunan dishes, these are foods which are cooked by steaming while some are cured and showcase sour or spicy flavors. 3. When talking about Jiangsu foods, we refer to the famous soups and sauces which are characterized by its sweet as well as salty flavors. 4. Canton is another type of Chinese cuisine that is very popular in different countries worldwide. The chefs of Hong Kong are the ones who popularized these dishes. These foods are characterized by its fresh and fragrant tastes which are cooked quickly. 5. Sichuan dishes are famous for its fiery and spicy cuisine. These dishes are deemed as the right accompaniment for milder dishes or soups. 6. Anhui dishes are famous for stewing and braising of wild game with the use of oil and herbs. 7. For those individuals who have the heart for eating not just salty but crispy children or seafoods, then they should try the Zhejiang cuisine. These are the different types of foods offered by specialty Chinese restaurants.