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A Guide to Choosing an Amazon Tour Package It is easy to make a decision to visit the Amazon River. It becomes an entirely different matter when you go to the specifics of where, when and how you are going to visit the Amazon. The Amazon is a long river that extends to different countries in South America, so there are many ways by which you can make this trip, so if you are doing the planning on your own you might find it quite difficult, but not so if you choose to go through a travel agency. Perhaps you have already set your mind that you want to get a good look at the jungle creatures found in the Amazon like the macaws, sloths and monkeys, then here are some things you need to plan on before booking your Amazon adventure and this includes the where, when and how you want to spend your time there. You need to decide first where you want to go. The Amazon rainforest is big and the river long and wide, and this can be visited from several different countries but the most favored ones are from Peru and Brazil. Northern Brazil and Peru are the places where you should go if you are interested in a good location for visiting the Amazon River. There are other places of interest in South American and one of them is Machu Picchu tour which is in southern Peru, particularly in Puerto Maldonado. The next thing you need to decide is when you want to take the trip. The jungles of the Amazon is a great place to visit any time of the year but it is even more overwhelming when you visit during the rainy season because then you will truly understand the meaning of the word “rainforest.” The river rises, the land gets muddy and the bugs are all over during the rainy season. Wearing boots and jackets can take care of the mud and the rain, and bringing bug spray can take care of the bugs, and with this you can still enjoy this wildlife adventure in the Amazon.
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The next decision to make is on how to go to the place. To be able to enjoy the Amazon you can either take the Amazon cruise, lodge near the Amazon or take day trips up and down the river. An Amazon cruise is indeed luxurious and very expensive. Iquitos is the point of origin for the cruise along the Amazon River.An Amazon lodge is a great place to stay in, in the heart of the jungle, and you can also take a tour from here but with the high end lodges although you have an option of staying in one of the basic places. Although affordable, taking day trips from the main town is not that exciting as most of the wildlife have sought other areas.Options – My Most Valuable Advice