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The Many Benefits of Coffee to Our Health Just a while ago, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had conducted a study and published the results of it. The results of the study showed that coffee is advantageous to us because it cuts down the risk of having type 2 diabetes mellitus. Here is another one. The Mayo Clinic had also conducted a study about the benefits of coffee and published it just recently. The results of the study are world-shattering. The findings verified that caffeine is able to control the liver. Right from the outset, we have always assumed that caffeine is not good for us. On the other hand, their study found out that caffeine reduces the chances of having PSC or sclerosing cholangitis, a very rare medical disorder that can lead to liver cirrhosis and failure as well as cancer. Another study was conducted 22 years ago which has 125,000 participants. The study showed that people who drank coffee everyday have reduced the risk of having alcoholic liver cirrhosis by 20%. Amusingly, these positive results were not detected in regular tea drinkers.
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Here are additional benefits of coffee that were found out by medical researchers.
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Coffee Benefits Medical researchers have discovered that by drinking coffee, we reduce our risk of developing cancer. In accord to the study, half of the individuals who drank coffee on a regularly basis have a lesser chance of developing cancer in the breast, colon, and liver. Another huge study was carried out which include 50,000 men have discovered that coffee can cut down the chance of developing prostate cancer by 60 percent. All of the participants in the study have drank at least six cups of coffee daily. In addition, participants who were required to drink 3 cups of coffee have cut down the risk to about 30 percent. Therefore, relationship of drinking coffee and developing cancer are indirectly proportional. The American Medical Association has released their journal in 2004. They said that by consuming coffee, you lessen the chances of having diabetes. On the other hand, keep in mind that you should not drink coffee with sugar or heavy cream. We all know that Alzheimer’s disease is an incapacitating disease. But when you drink coffee daily, you lessen your possibilities of acquiring it. This must be taken seriously by the seniors. It is known to all that coffee is able to alter the content of cholesterol present in the bile. As a result, coffee drinkers have lesser chance of acquiring symptomatic gallstone disease. Researchers have also found out that coffee can lessen the chances of having Parkinson’s disease. As a matter of fact, a lot of drug companies have tried to generate drugs made of coffee in order to protect our brain from various diseases.