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How to Hire a Campvan in Australia If you are on vacation in Australia, you are likely to hire a campvan to visit different attractions in Australia. During your holiday, you can get around the country by using different forms of transport. For example, you can join a guided tour, rent a car, or travel using public transport. However, most people opt to hire a campvan to experience the Australian adventures without limits. How to Hire the Right Campvan Most of the time, you will have to work with the van that you will get. When looking to hire a caravan, keep the tips below in mind.
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i) Size of the vehicle
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How large the van is can affect your vacation experience. The larger the van, the more likely that its speed will be lower. Moreover, you may not be able to travel across some terrains with a large van. However, if you are visiting Australia with your family, you may want a large van that will be spacious enough for everyone. If you choose to hire a large camping van, check the price you will pay. Fuelling a larger van can be quite expensive especially if you are on a long vacation. ii) Find out about costs Confirm how much it will cost to hire a particular van you are interested in. Before hiring a van, compare quotes from different companies to find a rental that will fit your budget. This will help you know how much you should expect to pay. Most van hire companies price their vehicles depending on how new they are. If you are looking for a new van, be prepared to pay more. However, its performance on some terrains may not have been ascertained. On the other hand, older vans are usually more affordable and may have scaled different terrains in Australia. iii) Van engine transmission Decide whether you want a manual transmission vehicle or an automatic transmission one. Look at the terrains across the different places you want to visit to get an idea of what to expect. Rough and steep terrains are best conquered with manual transmission vans. If you are lucky, you can find newer vans that can be switched between manual and automatic transmissions. Keep in mind that the van’s transmission can affect the amount of fuel consumed on the road. Touring Australia in a camping van offers you a great opportunity to see the country and experience it to the fullest. To find a good camp van, research well. The above are some of the tips you can use when looking to hire a van during your vacation in Australia.