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Downloading PC Games and Ensuring They Work Decades ago, PC games were sold in floppy disks or CD-ROM’s and packaged in such ridiculously large boxes. You actually had to go to a video or electronics store to buy them. These days, you can get your video games just by downloading the games directly into your computer. The Game Download Process First of all, you have to find the game you’d like to download through an Internet search. This is very easily done by typing “download (game)” into your search box. The first two to three hits will lead you to websites which offer direct purchases. You will probably end up in one of two places – the manufacturer’s website, such as, or a website that caters exclusively to video game downloads, such as When you’re there, find the Download Game link and do as you are instructed. If you’re on a game aggregate site like Steam, you’ll probably go to a payment page. Key in your account details and check the Terms and Service Agreement box to get your game. Take time to write down all serial numbers or receipt details provided. To download the game, just do as the manufacturer instructs you. There are two ways you can do this, but either way, everything will be pretty straightforward.
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Playing the game only needs you to double click on it, but first ensure that the download is complete. Usually, there will be a window that asks you to run the file or save it in your hard drive.
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Some games are compressed and you just have to download them and export the ZIP or RAR file’s content into your computer. As soon as the process is complete, double click on the EXE file or check out the ReadMe file for further instructions. Remember, with some games, you have to input a serial code before they can be played. These codes are typically given to you upon purchase. Checking Your Computer’s Specs You need to know that some PC’s are not compatible with some games. Over time, there are changes in how they make hardware and software, and this makes it impossible for older and cheaper devices to work with some games. Anyway, it would be easy to know whether or not the game you’re planning to download will work with your PC as all games will come with both “Minimum Specifications” and “Recommended Sepcfications.” If your PC is new, there’s a great chance you can play all older games on it (exceptions probably include Crysis and other top-tier, graphic-demanding titles. If you’ve been running a lot of games on your computer, it’s usually possible to play any game from the same era. Another factor that affects a game’s playability on your computer is your video card. Check it against the game’s recommendation. Finally, make sure your processor and your RAM can support the speed required to play the game.