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Which Cutting Board Is Best? Wood has always been the best option that you have, when it comes to cutting boards, even with all of the different choices that you may have. Wood cutting boards are made in a couple of different ways, which are end grain boards that are heavy duty and made for chopping and edge grain boards that are smaller and lighter for everyday use. Wooden cutting boards also come in many different patterns and wood spices, such as maple, black walnut and black cherry, to give you more option to find the one that best fits with your kitchens decor. If you are a chef that cooks and cuts every single day, with this said, an end grain cutting board is going to be exactly what you are looking for. If you are a chef, you might also like to know that any end grain cutting board will be easier on your knifes blades. Wooden cutting boards must be hand washed and sanitized after each use, which means no dishwashers, which is one of the disadvantages of them, but if they are cared for properly, they will last you a very, very long time. To be honest, the bottom line is that wooden cutting boards are safe, simple and look great with just about any decor you have in your kitchen. The next material of cutting board that we are going to talk about is a plastic cutting board. Generally, this type of cutting board is the most affordable for people and you can find them in many different shapes, colors and sizes. The option of thick or thin, hard or flexible are the other options you have with these plastic cutting boards. Not only do the flexible ones make it very easy to transfer foods from the board to the pot or pan, they are very easy to store as well. Since we are talking about the flexible plastic cutting boards, the downside of them is that they will not last near as long as the more heavy duty ones. One of the reasons for this is that the blade of your knife will eventually cut through the flexible, plastic material, but there are some other reasons. If this does not interest you, you should know that they hard, thicker plastic boards are actually very durable. Also, as they are easy to sanitize and clean, plastic boards are thought to be among the safest cutting boards that you can use. Another benefit of using plastic cutting boards is that they can be put into a dishwasher, as long as they fit properly. Even though you can put them into a dishwasher, plastic cutting boards can still harbor bacteria, so they will need to be sanitized properly.

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