Stimulant, Relaxant, Antioxidant, Secret to Health and a Long Life

Have you ever wondered what all the excitement over matcha is? Do you know what it is? Matcha is whole green tea leaves that have been covered for a couple weeks to ensure they have more chlorophyll in the leaves making them a beautiful green color when they’re crushed to powder. Besides the chlorophyll, which is used by chefs to give foods and drinks a wonderful deep green color, the covered leaves also contain extra Theanine (an amino acid, ingredient in green tea which is also believed to relieve stress). Many people believe that drinking brewed matcha tea is good for the skin, has anti-aging properties, and gives the metabolism a kick-start, aiding in the loss of weight.

There are many green teas available online, and consumers have written reviews after they’ve tried them. One of them reviewed countless times is known as Kiss Me Organics matcha tea. Some like it and some don’t, which is usual, since everyone is different, and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. The best thing to do is try the tea for yourself and then type in your own review. Of course, taste is critical when enjoying a cup of tea, even though some would drink cups of bitter herbs if it meant they would lose weight.

One thing about ordering from, you’ll find on the green tea web page a 110% guarantee that you’ll love the product, or just send it back. A guarantee can’t get much better than that, so customers won’t lose their money and they’ll find out for themselves whether they like the tea or not. There are also lists of answered questions that others have asked, so any questions you have are undoubtedly already answered. Right now, this company has a buy one, get one 50% off special, which saves even more money. Just be sure to enter the special word when ordering and order two bags of matcha tea at once.

Most people order the tea for the extra energy it promises to give them. It stimulates, while also relaxing the body and allows a person to complete work they must finish with a sense of calmness, and the extra ability to think clearly for the five to six hours it works. For those who are undecided about trying this tea, just order it and see for yourself.