Some Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

Doctors and nutrition experts strongly advocate a plant-based diet. They say that eating more plants than meat can help you lose weight or remain at a healthy weight. Furthermore, avoiding the saturated fat and cholesterol in animal products can help you avoid problems like age-related high blood pressure and heart disease. However, better health is not the only benefit of a plant-based diet. Here are some of the other ways that eating more plants can make the world a better place.

For one thing, plant farming is a more sustainable type of agriculture than animal farming. Animal farming consumes far more land and water resources, making meat too expensive for people to consume in many parts of the world. Consider the fact that a farmer needs to plant grains and keep them watered in order to feed the animal that eventually becomes meat. In fact, it takes 15 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef.

Plant farming is also less harmful to the environment than livestock farming. Livestock farming pollutes the environment through emission of greenhouse gases; in fact, livestock farming is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases, according to the Worldwatch Institute. In addition, livestock waste pollutes the ground and nearby rivers and streams. Chicken houses vent a great deal of ammonia into the air, a toxic gas formed when chicken waste reacts with a bacteria in their litter.

Another benefit of eating plants is that you are not participating in animal cruelty. Livestock animals like pigs and chickens are often confined in small crates so that they never know freedom of movement. Their sores and illnesses are untreated so that their lives are spent in suffering, and their deaths can be frightening and painful. A “cage free” label doesn’t guarantee that chickens can enjoy a free and happy life; they are still likely to live mainly in the confines of an aviary, and many still die from health problems associated with confinement.

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