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Finding Bus Ticket Deals Riding a bus has become a great and affordable alternative to traveling compared to flying or driving a car. There are many new bus companies that have joined the crowded and competitive marketplace, but this does not really guarantee that you can get cheap tickets easily. Getting cheap tickets on a bus needs a great deal of shopping and researching on how bus companies do their ticketing procedures. If you look into the methods of issuing discount tickets of the most well known bus company in the US which services a lot of destinations, you may be into getting your desired discounted ticket. Special fares are usually published on the website of this well known bus company. These website fares are often cheaper than tickets you buy in-person but they are not guaranteed to be the lowest prices available. Before buying your tickets, it is best to compare web deals and choose the lowest priced of all.
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Avoid getting last minute fares. If you want to receive a discount it is best to purchase your tickets in advance. Buying your ticket 3 weeks before your scheduled departure can sometimes give you as much as 25% discount, although these tickets are non-refundable. The bus company usually offer a discount of around 10-25 percent on tickets purchased a week or two before the scheduled departure.
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Check the site also for regional discounts which they do offer sometimes. Purchasing these regional discounts weeks before departure can add up to your overall discount. You can also look out for express bus offers for advance purchase fare for as little as one dollar, and which has a regular price of a little more than that. Given the discounts, these bus ticket prices are really very low and a good alternative to air travel if you have time to do so. There are a lot of ways to find great deals on tickets to different destinations nationwide. Prices for bus tickets vary depending on the starting and ending point of your bus ride and also if you purchase one way or roundtrip ones. Other factors that determine ticket prices are your age, the date of purchase and the discounts that you are using. Signing up for the rewards programs can even get you 10 percent discount on your next trip. On you next ticket purchase, the discount will be applied. With a running cycle of 12 months, subscribers are given points for every ticket they purchase from the company. Perks are also give while you are collecting your rewards point. If a children under 12 is traveling with an adult on the same itinerary, they are usually given discounts. If the child is under 2, they can ride for free.