Reasons Why Hampton Creek Has a YouTube Channel

Many companies have videos on YouTube because the format is great for making long lasting impressions on customers, investors, and business partners. Most people are visual learners, and the more senses used to absorb information, the longer the information remains in the short-term memory. To be able to hear about a product, and see it at the same time, creates a stronger connection for the people receiving the information. A recipe, for example, will be forgotten almost immediately after a person hears it. If that same person sees the ingredients, the mixing, and the final presentation, the recipe will be remembered longer.

The video format of the social media site also provides a way to explain philosophies of a company, introduce some of the major staff, and present a brief history. Longer videos are more helpful and convenient for clarity than the shorter formats of other sites. The visual aspect and the longer format of the videos are a couple of reasons why hampton creek has a Youtube channel. Another reason for utilizing social media is the instant and free access to customers. As soon as a post is presented, it is available for customers. That can be videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram, or written content on Twitter.

Many companies have pages, channels, and links on several sites to interconnect and engage customers. A video of that same recipe, when accompanied by a link to a coupon on Facebook, will increase the sales of the main ingredient. Customers who see a video they like can mention it on their Twitter page, and more people search out and watch the video. That works to attract customers, direct them to the business website, and make them aware of the product. It also serves to raise the business rankings on search engines, and generate excitement for future products.

Social media, in all its forms, has leveled off competition opportunities for small businesses, start-up companies, and independent businesses. Getting the word out about new products, ideas, and innovative methods is no longer a matter of how much money is available for the advertising budget. A creative business can capture worldwide attention instantly via social media.