Read The Slow Cooker Review On Your Favorite Brand

Every cook needs a slow cooker or crock pot. The appliances are not expensive and they save a family money. Indeed, you will save money on eating out. Prepare ingredients at night and put your dish on in the cooker before work. Later, the meal is ready when everyone gets home. In fact, one can just throw the ingredients in for dishes like soups and stews. Sometimes, one has to do some preparation like searing meat or browning onions.

A recent slow cooker review touted the benefits of the Lakeland 1.5 litre. The Lakeland is the perfect crock pot for a small family. Another favorite is Morphy Richards 4.5 litre. It saves storage space because the base slides into the pot. Additionally, it also has a browning function so there is no need for separate pans. The John Lewis 4.7 litre crock-pot is so attractive it can be used on the table. Further, the stoneware part of the pot can be used on hobs and gas rings. It saves time by allowing the cook to brown meat in it. Additionally, the Judge 3.5 litre has an inner pot that goes under the grill. This is quite useful for adding a crispy finish to certain dishes. It is perfect for entertainment because it can be left on all day.

Crock pots cook food slow and at low temperatures. Therefore, it makes cheaper cuts of meat taste really delicious. Examples of good meats to use include brisket, pork shoulder, lamb shoulder and chicken thighs. Add lots of vegetables and you have a great dish. It is also a low-fat way to cook because oil is not needed in the cooker. The important thing is to have moisture in the slow cooker to help the food cook. The lid on the cooker is sealed tight so liquid does not evaporate as in regular cooking. So, only use a third of the liquid called for in a regular recipe. The liquid does not thicken either so cooks may add a little flour at the end. Try a slow cooker and you will be turning out gourmet meals everyday.