Rachel From “Friends” is Not Real, but She Could Be: Blanchette’s Fun of Being Formerly Self-Employed

Mary Blanchette has a pretty peculiar Facebook page. She mentions that she has a master’s Degree from Columbus State Community College. It is not a particularly amazing school, but it gets the job done. She is currently a personnel training officer after coming from being self-employed in the past. It is her history of being self-employed that is most intriguing. At some point, it seems that everyone is self-employed. Selling lemonade on the street corner is only the simplest and most obvious version of self-employment. It is not that easy anymore. Kids are being ticketed for not having permits. Yes, it is that kind of world.

Rachel from “Friends” was self-employed for a little while, which only gave her more of a reason to not work and to argue with Ross over things that seemed incredibly arbitrary or shockingly serious- sometimes at the same time. Blanchette sees something really appealing in the fictional Rachel. There is a reason she is used as Mary’s main profile picture. Is it perhaps Rachel’s snarky self-awareness about the world? She is a vulnerable girl overcompensating by being really passive-aggressive as well as really really fun. It is a system that has gotten her through nine seasons and a tear-jerker of an ending. Should she have ended up with Ross? Maybe, but is the ending really the point? it is the journey of life that leads to that ending. Ross and Rachel could have broken up hours after the credits rolled, and that is okay. Life is not always an amazing group of perfect friends.

Blanchette has an obvious adoration and respect for Ohio State. She loves the fast lane, just as Rachel did. She wants to see the world and escape from the circle of friends she has. But, the moment she leaves, she is worried how they are doing without her. It is a struggle Rachel had anytime she sought some independence and was barged in on by Joey frenetically screaming about accidently running over a squirrel. He cried. She cried. They will always be friends. They did not even need Facebook to do it.