Possibilities for Just Thousand Salad Dressing Now That It’s Arriving in Stores

It’s still not listed online at all the major retailers, which is driving some people crazy. They want to buy Hampton Creek Just Thousand salad dressing so they can finally try this version of their favorite salad topping. They just need to expand their search a little, as many online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar shops do have this luscious new product. If they live out of town, surely they can find several things to do in town on Saturday when they drive there to pick up Just Thousand from Target. That store seems to be the first retailer to stock it on the shelves, but any minute now, Just Thousand will be available in many more shops. Keeping an eye on Hampton Creek’s official Facebook page will let them know where it arrives next.

On that page, Hampton Creek suggests starting with this salad dressing to a portobello or black-eyed pea burger. That might mean skipping salad altogether, or it might mean enjoying a different Hampton Creek dressing with the bowl of spring leaf lettuce and other veggies. With ranch dressing being the most popular in the nation at the moment, Just Ranch is probably a good place to start. Then move on to the burger, served on a whole-grain bun or two slices of thick rye bread. Lettuce, onion, tomato and even avocado can be included as well, but everyone should have plenty of napkins on hand for the juicy goodness.

Vegans are fond of Hampton Creek products because those convenience foods are all plant-based, even when they substitute for items usually containing eggs or dairy. Just Thousand gives them the chance to enjoy vegan versions of sandwiches like the classic Reuben. They’ll use sliced tempeh simmered in vegetable broth or olive oil and add sauerkraut and vegan Swiss cheese. It wouldn’t be a Reuben without Thousand Island-style dressing, so they’re glad to have Hampton Creek’s version. There are no eggs or dairy products in this container, although some types of the dressing include cream or egg-based mayonnaise. This one includes garlic and tomatoes, and although it’s not entirely certain yet, it may acquire its creamy texture from Hampton Creek’s egg-free Just Mayo.