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Different Kinds of Healthy Dishes in Chinese Restaurants There are various dishes are being served in Chinese restaurants and most of the foods are very notorious of being fried and battered in sugar, salt and various kinds of soy sauce and most of their foods like rice are being fried and with fatty meats. Aside from these dishes, there are also healthy Chinese food that you can eat in Chinese restaurants that will not destroy your healthy diet in general and at the same time you could also enjoy the real taste of the food. You can lessen the amount of calories that you can eat when you eat in Chinese restaurants by eating wonton soup or any kind of hot soup from the start of your meal so that you can end up eating less food. For your appetizer, you may want to try eating or ordering veggie spring rolls because this has eggs and vegetables that contain eighty calories per roll and you can also try eating the steamed vegetable dumplings that contains forty calories that you can eat before the actual meal. Another dish with low calorie around two hundred calories is their dish packed with vegetables and tofu that are mixed together and another dish of a cup of chicken with broccolis that also contain lower amount of calories. If you want a tasty but healthy food, you can order this super-tasty food that is slightly sauteed in vegetables, spices, sliced cubed chicken and button mushrooms and you will surely enjoy eating this kind of dish.
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The shrimp with lobster sauce can also be ordered in Chinese restaurants because it is also healthy wherein the shrimps contain protein and the lobster sauce has low calorie if served per one fourth cup of serving per meal. The seafood dish which is shrimp with garlic sauce is another superb and healthy dish that can let you eat seafood with low amount of calories at a round three hundred fifty calories per serving and if you share this dish with your eating buddies.
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Another dish that is rich in protein is the steamed shrimp or steamed chicken accompanied by vegetables that is considered low in calories also because it has full vegetables and protein as its content and you do not forget the fortune cookies also. There are healthy dishes that you can order in Chinese restaurants that you can surely eat and enjoy at the same time without destroying your healthy diet.