New Vegan Alternatives Can Improve People’s Health

When grocery shopping, people tend to stick with the same brands and styles of products that they know and trust. However, one new company is creating diverse products that everyone should consider trying and learning about. By using all plant-based ingredients in their products and avoiding any type of animal byproduct, Hampton Creek is creating new healthy alternatives for the foods that people normally buy.

Eating a diet that is rich in animal based foods can have unfortunate consequences on people’s health. Many animal products are high in fats and cholesterol, and eating too many of them can lead to health risks like heart disease and high blood pressure. Most people are aware of these health risks and limit their red meat, cheese and egg consumption, but they may not know just how many animal product are lurking in other types of foods. Common staples like mayonnaise, cookies, pancakes, salad dressings and more all contain eggs and other animal products that can negatively affect people’s health. Switching to an all vegetable brand like Hampton Creek is a great way to prevent health issues linked to animal products.

Not only are animal food products bad for people’s health, but they are also bad for the health of the planet. Using valuable land and resources to house animals and care for them takes a large toll on the Earth. Cows, sheep and other livestock also create a great deal of pollution and contaminants that can harm the air or the water supply. Vegetables, however, work to improve the environment and do not cause nearly as much damage. By using only vegetables for their products, Hampton Creek is helping to save the planet. There are new details online from Hampton Creek explaining more about how limiting animal based foods helps the Earth.

By trying new products from Hampton Creek, people can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and do their part to help the planet. Hampton Creek only uses vegetable alternatives in their products, so they are completely vegan. Without eggs, milk and meat in normal foods, it is possible for people to enjoy better health and a cleaner planet.