Moscow Mule Mug Must be One Hundred Percent Unlined Copper

Have you ever wondered who thought up the recipes for certain drinks you can buy in a bar and why they’re served in special glasses? This is the way it is when a customer orders a drink called a Moscow Mule. Back in the 1940s and into the 1950s, the country was in what was called, “the vodka phase.” So, while three friends who were in the beer and vodka business were sitting in a bar, they wondered how three ingredients they had available right then, would taste in a mixed drink?

It turned out to be a wildly popular concoction that became one of the classic drinks of the time. This drink’s ingredients must have vodka, ginger beer and lime (lemon) juice in it and to have the exquisite taste it’s known for and it must be consumed from a Moscow Mule mug. Now, if you don’t know what kind of a mug this is, it’s solid copper with no lining. No tin, steel, plastic, or other type of lining can be inside the mug. It has to be pure 100% pure copper for the drink to be unique in taste. If you mix the drink, you want it to have the quality taste that only drinking out of pure unlined copper can give it.

Even though the idea for this drink began in Manhattan, by 1942 it was the designated one of the most popular drinks of the time in Los Angeles. This drink contains 24 parts of ginger beer plus nine parts vodka and just one part lime. Fill your copper mug with ice (on the rocks) and pour the beer and vodka over the ice and then add the one part lime. Stir the drink very gently and add a slice of lime on the side of the mug and enjoy.

This is the type of drink that’s served in exclusive bars where famous celebrities gather to enjoy an evening away from it all. The mugs are not cheap. They sell in online stores for about $20 a mug and are usually shipped free if you order a certain dollar amount of them at a time. Just be certain they are 100% pure gleaming copper so you get the full taste of a drink that’s deserving of such a special mug.