Learn About a Beverage That Can Improve Your Health

Though many people have tried green tea, some turn away from it because they are not happy with the taste. If green tea is not grown in a certain way, it can develop a high level of tannins that can end up making the tea bitter. Matcha tea is the same type of tea as green tea, but it is grown and processed in a different way. Those who want to experience better health and enjoy a great-tasting cup of tea should continue reading so they can learn more about matcha.

A tea plant is actually an evergreen tree though it can be pruned and kept as a large evergreen shrub. When it is grown in Japan, the growers take care to make sure it is well fertilized and watered. They work to control the acidity of the soil and keep it in the right pH for the best growing conditions. They also shield the plants from the sun for two to four weeks before they plan to harvest the leaves.

Shielding the plants with bamboo mats allows the leaves to work extra hard to create vast amounts of beneficial chlorophyll. This extra amount of chlorophyll gives the leaves their vivid green color which equates to the final product being such a bright green. Chlorophyll is beneficial to the body in many ways. It controls inflammation, helps the body to heal from injury, and can help to control the appetite.

To enjoy a matcha latte, one simply needs to add two heaping teaspoonfuls of matcha powder to two ounces of warm water. After blending these two ingredients, one can add honey or sugar and then top it off with frothed milk. The tea is so delicious, it tastes good no matter how it is enjoyed. Some people simply drink it while others experiment and bake and cook with it.

If you have never tried matcha green tea, it is time to take your taste buds on an adventure so you can enjoy the many health benefits it offers. Start each day with a cup of matcha to have the energy and mental focus you need for a productive day.