Keeping Kids With Egg Allergies Safe At School

Food allergies are common among school age children. However, parents and kids with egg allergies may not realize how often eggs appear in the recipes of foods as diverse as salad dressing to bagels. Here are some tips for parents to keep eggs away from their kids while they attend school.

Meet with School Personnel in the Summer

Prepare your child for the school year by meeting with your school principal, head cafeteria manager or nurse to find out if they have emergency plans in place for kids with food allergies who go into shock. Ask about what foods have eggs or egg products in them. In this way, your child can learn to avoid these foods. If you can talk to your child’s teacher, ask him or her to strongly discourage sharing lunches in class or giving out food as rewards. If necessary, give permission for staff to give an epinephrine injection and call 911 on your behalf if an emergency should happen and the school cannot contact you.

Purchase a Medical Bracelet

When a food allergy attack comes, it can be hard for a child to speak and tell others what is happening. Buy a medical ID bracelet stating your child’s egg allergy so people can see right away what is wrong and what needs to be done. Thank your child for wearing the bracelet. Remember, children often do not like to be different from other kids. Kids that are old enough should also carry Epipens when they go to school.

Brown Bag It

It’s safer for your child to eat a lunch you have made than eat a lunch a stranger has made. Make sandwiches special with Hampton Creek Just Mayo. If your child likes to stop at a fast food chain with friends after school, let them carry egg-free salad dressings or mayo in order to make the foods they can eat tastier. Give your child his or her own utensils to minimize chances of eating with utensils cross-contaminated with eggs.

Find Out About Crafts

Eggs can wind up in surprising places such as the art room. Dried pasta is often used in crafts. Your child cannot touch these. Used egg cartons are often used in crafts or for growing seeds. Make sure your child always carries hand sanitizer if contact is unavoidable.