Joining the Innovators in Social Media, Hampton Creek Has a Crunchbase Page

Hampton Creek is on the forefront of fighting genetically modified foods. They are doing so by providing options for customers. There are more options available than General Mills, Kellogg’s, and other products distributed by companies that regularly use GMO’s. The facts are unfolding on GMO’s, and people realize exactly what these types of modified plants can do over time.

Hampton Creek is discovering new methods to use plants in food products. Firstly, Hampton Creek is an innovative company that experiments. But, the experiments keep out any genetically modified strategies. Everything is natural. The goal becomes to keep the taste as great as possible while removing any scientific methods that alter the nature of the food.

What are these items? Trans fat is one that gets a lot of attention. Food dyes are also invasive and unnecessary, and they only seek to make the food look more appealing. MSG is a popular one that is discussed many times in health food circles.

All of their efforts are clearly labeled innovative because they buck massive consumer expectations. Hampton Creek is right there in the cultural trend of healthy foods. Crunchbase is a social media resource for companies who are innovating in their respective industry. Users can explore the various companies involved in Crunchbase to see the timeline of their events, updates, posts, and messages. Crunchbase has a lot of similiarities of Facebook, but it is focused on innovation and tech companies.

Hampton Creek is a tech company, interestingly, and they are ingratiated with Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods. Their size proves that health foods have an audience. The audience is large enough to see the trend explode. The company wants to make all food items plant-based and see the end of GMO’s in the grocery store. Fortunately, Hampton Creek has a Crunchbase page where visitors can see active updates from the company. Visitors can see financial information and even connect with the brand directly. Crunchbase has celebrated innovation. Now, food companies can join the discussion and push the worldwide diet to healthy new heights. Hampton Creek is responsible for some revered health brands.