In Reflection of Rising Popularity of Vegan Lifestyle, Hampton Creek Has An Article On Latimes.Com

Vegetarianism has been recognized for many years and all over the world as a healthful, inspiring way to secure nutrition and exist peacefully in the wider world. Whether because of the health benefits or a desire to avoid doing harm to feeling, sentient creatures, vegetarians often report a high degree of satisfaction with their chosen lifestyle. From the hundreds of millions of vegetarians living today in South Asia to the many more elsewhere in the world, most who choose the lifestyle come to appreciate its rewards and sources of satisfaction.

In fact, many eventually decide to go even further. While vegetarians will forsake the eating of meat or fish, most do enjoy products, such as eggs and dairy, that are produced by animals. Some remain happy with this compromise, but others come to feel that the cause of justice requires them to restrict their diets even further.

That natural next step for many, then, is toward the vegan lifestyle, where animal-derived products of all kinds are forsaken. Formerly often considered something of a fringe phenomenon, the vegan approach to living has since achieved mainstream status in many parts of the world. As it has become more popular, those who seek to enjoy it have also ended up with more options before them, as a result.

In the past, for example, vegans often felt forced to work with raw, unprocessed ingredients in every case as they went about assembling their meals. With relatively little attention being paid to the lifestyle, many felt that they could not count on buying ready-made products that would live up to their standards.

In recent years, however, the situation has changed greatly and for the better. Companies like Hampton Creek and others now seek to make the lives of vegans much easier and more satisfying, offering them the kinds of convenience that others have long taken for granted.

Just as vegans themselves have taken their share of the popular limelight, so have many companies that seek to serve them. Even a specialized company like hampton creek has an article on now, for example, signifying not just how far vegans have come, but the same for the companies that focus on serving them.