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The Film Industry Movies are created when a series of images are captured to create an illusion of moving images. Movies are usually viewed on screens where people are able to watch actual scenes that are accumulated to form a film. The scenes found in movies are usually captured using a motion picture camera that captures the images using visual effects and other techniques in order to come up with the best film. Most of these movies upon release are watched in cinemas or movie theatres. When making a movie the screenwriter narrates a story for expressing feelings, to appease the audience or narrate a true story that is untold. There are many types of movies as they come in different genres. There are thrillers, action movies, romantic, sci-fi, animation and many more. The success of a movie or film produced depends on the creativity of the scriptwriter. Writing a good script for a movie is based on a good concept or idea that when translated into a film, will get a large audience. Actors and actresses of the film are got through conducting an audition where talent is evaluated and the best people are chosen to play given roles. They then come up with the best cast and start shooting the movie. Creative and thrilling movies usually have a lot of viewers as they are based on concepts that are really unique. Greatest hits usually become number one on charts as they receive lot of audience worldwide. A lot of effort as well as money is put into making a film hence it is not a piece of cake. Those people writing the script are to be paid a certain fee in order to come up with a good plot. Most of screenwriters do not have the qualities essential to come up with a good plot for the movie to be produced.
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When coming up with a script, the writer should put a few factors into consideration in order for the movie to hit. The taste and preferences of the audience is the biggest priority when writing a script. The audience are the most important people as they determine if your movie sells and the number of sales you get. Captivating movies are those that keep people glued to their screen till it ends and leaves them in suspense such that they want more. If you can come up with such a script, then you are assured of your movie getting a lot of hits.
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Technology has played a very important part in the film industry as there are better films and movies produced are of very high quality. People can even get to view movies in three dimensional or two dimension. Using up money in making a movie becomes rewarding once the movie becomes a huge success.