How to Use Text Messages to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Most modern women are smart enough not to chase a man after a relationship breaks up. However, there are few guidelines that offer them an alternative plan of action if they want to reignite the flame. One author has not only tackled this subject, but suggests a way for women to use simple texts to create a new relationship. Michael Fiore’s Text Judo plan offers users a simple, step-by-step process that includes the following:

UNDERSTANDING: Mr. Fiore’s plan, which is outlined in his ebooks, is also covered on review sites, such as Women who use these resources quickly learn that they can benefit by applying ancient Judo methods to relationships. They are taught to channel intensity and control responses. The system identifies and explains five phases of communication, and prepares readers to use them.

AN ASSESSMENT: Before readers begin to learn any techniques, they are encouraged to evaluate their relationship carefully, and decide whether they truly want to begin again. If they feel it is worthwhile and salvageable, women can begin a program that teaches them how to use psychology to their benefit.

A PLAN: Michael Fiore teaches readers to create a careful strategy, and provides examples of powerful text messages that can be customized for personal use. He encourages women to go with the flow of the text communications, and set the pace according to their ex’s pace. They are offered guidelines that suggest the appropriate type and number of messages they should send.

TWEAKING MEMORIES: Program users learn how to appeal to their ex’s emotions, by sending texts that trigger memories and begin to create positive feelings. Women also learn how to maintain control when they receive immediate, positive responses.

USING JEALOUSY: The text plan shows users how to subtly and casually suggest that they are enjoying happy lives – with new people. This technique takes advantage of the age-old fact that almost everyone wants and values what they cannot have. Readers are also cautioned to be exceptionally low-key as they use the approach, and to avoid it if jealousy was a problem during the relationship.

Modern phones help couples communicate when they are together. According to relationship expert Michael Fiore, phones’ text messaging capabilities can also harnessed to help women renew broken relationships. The author has created a strategic plan that shows women how Judo principles can be used to create strategic, relationship-mending messaging plans.