How to Find the Perfect Blender

When shopping for a blender, it is important to find a machine that will offer the power you need to blend the items that you want to puree. Two of the most popular machines on the market today are the Blendtec and Vitamix. While the machines may seem the same, they both offer different options. Buying a professional blender can be a big expense, so it is important to do your research ahead of time so you find the one that will offer the best blending capabilities. The following is a brief overview of features between the blendtec vs vitamix price comparison. Use this information to help you buy the best blender for your home.Motor SizeWhile the Vitamix may get the most publicity for offering high power blending, the Blendtec unit offers a more powerful motor. Both machines can process large amounts of produce and other raw foods without strain, so the difference in motor size may not be noticed unless trying to blend frozen items or as the blade begins to dull with use. If you plan on using your blender for heavy jobs, consider going with a Blendtec.ControlsThe controls on both machines are very similar, but the Blendtec unit offers push-button controls with an LED display. This allows you to see exactly what your blender is doing, and change speeds with the press of a button. A Vitamix unit is more commercial in feel, and offers users a speed control knob that can help you adjust speed gradually as you blend your foods together. Warranty ClaimsBoth units offer a 7 year warranty. Vitamix charges a $75 replacement fee to upgrade your broken unit to a refurbished one. Blendtec doesn’t charge for this, but they do charge for shipping your unit in for a warranty claim, while Vitamix covers shipping fees both ways. If you feel your blender may be breaking in the future because of what you use it for, then a Vitamix may be the better option.Don’t let the worry of picking the right blender prevent you from getting one. Visit your local retailers so you can see for yourself the differences between both machines and decide for yourself which one will work best for you. Start your research before shopping so you can spend wisely and feel good about your purchase.