How Is Hampton Creek Helping Vegans?

Over the last decade, there have been major changes in veganism and the number of people who profess to be vegans. When one walks into a grocery store today, they are faced with a much different horizon than in the past. Today, there are a host of vegan food products available for consumers. This offers them a greater level of options so their eating choices can be healthier than ever before.

While there are many vegan food producers, there is one company that is gaining more attention than others. Hampton Creek is a vegan food producer who is not only working to improve the foods they offer consumers but is also working to research so foods of a higher quality are offered across the industry.

With their research, they have found a host of vegetable and plant sources that can be used to create all types of vegan foods. One of the biggest obstacles the vegan food market has faced over the years, is replacing eggs with a natural product that truly mimics its properties. Thankfully, this company has come up with a solution that has changed the vegan food market forever.

Using a special pea protein, they have been able to create an egg substitute that has become a crucial ingredient in their vegan food lineup. Their Just products feature healthy ingredients without artificial dyes, preservatives, or chemical additives. This is an approach that is fairly new to the vegan foods industry and one that is creating the change the owners hoped for.

The research the owners have carried out has actually prompted change across the food industry with more and more big food product names introducing new vegan options for their existing products. This excites the owners of the company because their main goal has been to introduce much-needed change to the industry so vegans have more healthful food choices available to them.

As this vegan food company continues in its efforts, consumers can rest assured they will continue raising the bar on acceptable food practices by introducing new options for plant-based materials in creating a wide array of food choices.