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Easy Steps On Choosing The Best Strippers Back in the day, people played games during parties to have fun, but today’s parties are now made better by dancing girls with barely anything covering them. Strippers are know to be the sexiest and most beautiful women you will ever come across that will dance for you all you all night long. You barely get to spend money on them for a very good lap dance. Because these girl are working for the night, you would think that its as easy as point to one, showing them some cash, and they would dance all night for you, but in reality, most people have an easier time picking up non-stripper girls as compared to strippers. What most people do not see is that strippers are just like any other women who are on the job at night. If you are one of those guys that can easily pick up girls at the bar then you will surely be able to pick up strippers, too. It is an easy task to do but you still need to take into consideration a few things before you make your move. 1. Take into consideration the time you enter the club.
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The clubs and bars will most likely be packed on the weekends since it is the best time to party given that people do not need to work the next day. There will always be competition when it comes to picking up strippers especially because there aren’t very many of them so all the more if you go to the club on weekends where the plays is jam packed with men having the same motives as you. When there are only a few dudes in the club, there are more strippers for your picking and they would be more than happy to receive your advances.
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2. Do not make yourself appear like a newbie and stare at the girls like its the first time you have seen one Hot strippers are picky when it comes to clients because they also would want to have a good time and therefore you need to act smooth enough for the best strippers to be interested in you. Regardless if you have a pocket full of cash, no stripper would dare come near you if you are one of those men that come in drooling over every girl they lay their eyes on due to the horny feeling they have. The more you play it smooth and cool, the more these girls will get attracted to you and you won’t even need to do anything anymore because they themselves will be the ones to walk up to you and offer their services. 3. be the friendly guy in the room. Be friendly to the bartender because he knows all the girls and can easily tip you on who to go for.