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What to Look for in the Search of the Right Tequila For many years going back many centuries, the Tequila has been produced with its quality increasing yearly as new ways to make better brands are discovered. The main plant that is used in the making of this wonderful spirit is the blue agave plant. The process involves cooking of the plant in an oven for some time to extract its juice which is either separated from the fibers or not. The distillation then starts and it is done twice, thrice or as many times as you wish with every distillation increasing the alcohol content with the most refined being those that are left to ferment for a long time. There are four major brands of the Tequila available in the market today. The first is blanco that ages for a period of 0 to 2 months followed by Respado then follows next ageing between 2 to 12 months. Next is anejo that is aged between 12 months to 3 years then finally the newest entrant into the scene extra anejo that ages for more than 3 years. The longer it ages, the better the flavor. After going through the stages taken to make Tequila, we could now go into how to select the right Tequila for you. This should be guided by drinking options, profile and your drinking style for example the scent, taste, texture and even color of the tequila.
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It therefore all comes down to what a person preference. It is the reason why there are different flavors of Tequila produced to cater to the many demands of their customers. A certain consumer base may prefer the old brand that ages for long while another will prefer the blanco.
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From 51% to 100% of blue agave sugars, this difference is also another factor that sets the highly priced tequila to the one that is fairly priced. The taste of the two more often is very close which leads to the fact that price of the tequila will not guarantee you a good quality brand. 51% is regarded as the standard percentage of tequila sugars. Age does not therefore guarantee quality. From dinner events to parties, the occasion influences the type of Tequila likely to be used for the occasion. For instance in preparing of meals that are will require being heated, the brands that do not age for long periods of time will be preferred to those that age for long. If the meal is to be heated, the not so aged brands will be appropriate so as not to lose their taste due to heating for long. On the other hand, when dressed with salad or even ice cream, the aged tequilas would be the perfect choice.