How Hampton Creek Foods Help Shoppers and the Planet

For decades health-conscious food shoppers needed to choose between good taste and good for you. However, thanks to a pair of earth-friendly young business moguls, many stores are stocking healthy, delicious products that also serve the planet. It all began in 2011, when Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk noticed that hundreds of food products were made from harmful, animal based ingredients. That led them to form Hampton Creek, a food technology business that takes a consumer and earth friendly approach to eating well.

The Problem Is in the Source

Hampton Creek’s two founders founded their business on the principle that plant based foods are the solution to the world’s food supply problems. They noticed that animal-based ingredients not only lead to many health problems but also create an unsustainable food supply. Animals raised for food require tons of feed over their lifetimes, but foods sourced entirely from plants skip the middle step and allow farmers around the world to grow healthy cash crops. The process can produce enough food to feed the world while improving local economies. Hampton Creek’s owners decided that they would revolutionize food production by completely changing they way they looked at it and then researching alternatives. The result was Beyond Eggs, the first plant-based replacement food that ever came from Hampton Creek.

Technology and Experts Achieved Success

The small company’s Beyond Eggs is a delicious egg alternative that behaves like real eggs. However, it is cholesterol free and can be updated when improvements are developed. Hampton Creek used the new product to create Just Mayo, a healthy, egg-free mayonnaise. Shoppers snapped it up and the company began to expand, hiring top chefs, food scientists and technology wizards. These experts designed more products and a database that allows the business to find the best plants for food production. They also created their now popular Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. Currently the ever-growing company has developed over 40 tasty, healthy alternatives to foods like pasta, muffins, brownies and noodles. Their products are distributed through major stores like Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.

Thanks to a pair of earth and consumer-friendly businessmen, grocery shoppers can find healthier substitutes for several foods. Their products are produced and distributed to major retailers by Hampton Creek, a revolutionary food technology business.