How Food Technology Is Creating Healthier Diets

Most of us think of salads or green smoothies when we hear the words “plant-based foods.” Fortunately, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick have something else in mind. In 2011, the two eco-responsible businessmen identified serious problems in the current food supply, which is largely animal based. That led to research which quickly evolved into Hampton Creek, a food technology business dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to common foods.

An Animal-Based Food Supply Is Universally Toxic

Hampton Creek’s founders decided to research plant-based foods because they understood that eggs, meat, and animal-based ingredients can lead to health problems. Animals are treated cruelly, food sources are often filthy, and the industry creates huge amounts of pollution. That is why the first project at Hampton Creek was a quest for an egg substitute that tasted and acted like the original. The young company succeeded with Beyond Eggs. The delicious product quickly became a primary ingredient in their next project: Just Mayo.

Expansion Led to Product Breakthroughs

The success of Just Mayo caught the attention of the health industry and media. Respected periodicals like the Wallstreet Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes highlighted Hampton Creek’s ideas, and investors soon showed an interest. The business expanded, hiring top-notch experts in the technology, science, and food industries. Research and development teams went on to create egg- and cholesterol-free Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Company tech wizards designed a database that allows them to analyze thousands of plants from around the world. Each is evaluated for its potential as a cash crop that could be used to create healthy foods.

Ongoing Research Has Spurred Progress

The growing company expanded its product line to include healthy salad dressings. They are developing substitute dips, ice cream, and sugar. Consumers will soon be able to buy great tasting, healthy versions of breakfast and dessert mixes. Every product goes through rigid testing to ensure that it is delicious and can be used exactly the way the original was. Their foods are distributed through retail giants like Safeway, Whole Foods, Publix, and Target.

Grocery shoppers will soon be able to find new plant-based alternatives to many popular foods. The products are being developed by food technology company Hampton Creek. It is a business dedicated to replacing harmful animal-based foods with substitutes that are healthier for consumers and the planet.