How Can You Experience the Many Benefits of Green Tea?

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages a person can drink. Though traditional green teas are steeped using a tea bag, there is a better way of gaining the many benefits green tea has to offer. Matcha green tea is grown in such a manner as to protect its valuable antioxidants. The tea plants are shielded from the sun in the last stages of growth and then the leaves are carefully picked and deveined so only the tender leaf is processed.

After drying these leaves, they are carefully ground into a rich, bright green powder. This powder allows a person to consume the entire tea leaf instead of only having the tea steeped and much of the nutrients being thrown away. Though there are many ways to enjoy this delicious tea, many people prefer drinking a green tea matcha latte. A rich, delicious latte can be enjoyed hot or cold for a new taste experience.

To make a matcha latte, one only needs matcha powder, filtered water, milk and honey. Simply take two scoops (if using a matcha scoop) of matcha powder and place it in a cup. If you do not have a matcha scoop, you can measure out two rounded teaspoons. Then place 1/3 cup boiled filtered water in the cup and carefully whisk the mixture together. This will form a slightly thick liquid.

Those who have a milk frother can use that to froth their milk. If one does not own a frother, the milk can simply be whisked to bubble it up so it can be added to the latte. About 3 ounces of any type of milk can be used and then poured over the top of the tea mixture. This special tea can be served hot or over ice for a cool treat. Honey can be added for sweetness.

Drinking matcha green tea helps to protect the body against cancer, aids in weight loss, gives the body energy and helps the mind to focus. Those who have not yet enjoyed this delicious beverage need to try it. Matcha green tea offers a taste like no other tea and has a naturally sweet flavor.