Having Fun With Ice Cube Molds

While plain old ice cubes are fine for keeping beverages cold, they do tend to be a little boring. Think of how much fun can come from using ice cube molds that get away from the standard square cube and introduce some different designs into the mix. Here are some ideas of how these molds can come in very handy.

Create the Components for an Ice Sculpture

People who may lack the talent to create a sculpture from a solid block of ice can often use molds to create individual components. Those components can then be stacked or otherwise assembled to create an interesting design that can serve as a centerpiece for a special occasion. Best of all, the ice still performs the function of cooling beverages even as it adds some visual impact to the event.

Add a Fancy Touch to Beverages

Anyone can dump a few ice cubes into a glass and then fill it with a beverage. What would happen if everyone received a drink that included a single globe of ice in the glass instead? The look helps to add a touch of whimsy to the drink, something that many people will appreciate. In addition, the mass of rounded ice will do a better job of cooling the beverage.

Not Just for Creating Ice Cubes

The thing to remember about the molds is that they don’t necessarily have to be used just for the creation of different shaped ice cubes. It is also possible to use them to create fun desserts. For example, it is possible to fill the molds with a flavored gelatin. Allow the product to gel in the refrigerator, then extract the shapes from the molds. The result is something that is sure to amuse adults and children alike.

It is also possible to use those molds to create frozen treats as well. Pour juice into the molds, then cover the molds with plastic wrap. Use long toothpicks to pierce the plastic. This approach holds the toothpicks upright while the juice freezes. In an hour or so, there will be plenty of tasty and nutritious treats for everyone to enjoy.